Conducting property inspections


ChatGPT can be used to assist with conducting property inspections by providing guidance on what to look for during the inspection process, offering suggestions for repairs or improvements, and answering any questions that may arise. By inputting specific details about the property, such as its location, size, and age, ChatGPT can provide tailored recommendations for each inspection.


"What are the [STEPS/PROTOCOLS] for conducting a [PRE-LISTING/PRE-PURCHASE/ROUTINE] property inspection of a [LARGE/SMALL] [RESIDENTIAL/COMMERCIAL] property in [CITY/STATE/COUNTRY]?"
"Can you provide me with a [THOROUGH/DETAILED] report template for a [MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT/ROUTINE] inspection of a [SINGLE-FAMILY HOME/CONDOMINIUM/APARTMENT BUILDING]?"
"What [COMMON/UNCOMMON/RED FLAGS] issues should I look for during a [NEW/OLD] [RESIDENTIAL/COMMERCIAL] property inspection in [CITY/STATE/COUNTRY]?"
"How can I [EFFECTIVELY/STRATEGICALLY] negotiate repairs or price reductions based on the results of a property inspection of a [HISTORIC/MODERN] [RESIDENTIAL/COMMERCIAL] property?"
"Can you recommend any [SAFETY/ENERGY-EFFICIENT/COST-EFFECTIVE] upgrades or improvements to make after a property inspection of a [LUXURY/FIXER-UPPER] property in [CITY/STATE/COUNTRY]?"


Provide as many specific details about the property as possible, such as its location, size, and age, to help ChatGPT provide tailored recommendations.
Use clear and concise language when asking questions or inputting information to help ChatGPT understand the task at hand.
If ChatGPT’s responses are not meeting your needs, try rephrasing your questions or inputting different details about the property to see if that produces more helpful responses.

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